Illinois Debt Collection Attorneys

Elizer Law Group, LLC, has extensive experience representing both debtors and creditors.

For the creditor, our attorneys and debt collection specialists comply with the mandates of the Fair Debt Collections Practice Act. With our national network of collection attorneys, our practice has had remarkable success instituting debt and judgment collection actions across the U.S. and otherwise assisting companies with their accounts receivable management and asset recoveries.

We are experts at tracking individuals and skilled in the art of negotiating settlements out of court, if at all possible. When negotiation fails, we are ready to file suit to enforce your claims. We also accept files for judgment enforcement, helping both individuals and businesses collect on awarded judgments. Our representative clients range from individuals and sole proprietorships to FORTUNE™ 100 companies and include contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, insurance companies, and other businesses and individuals.

Contact us for help with your collection matter, including:

  • Account Receivable Management
  • Bank & Wage Garnishments
  • Liens & Bond Claims for Contractors
  • Debt Negotiation

Our experience in debt collection also provides a solid foundation for helping individuals and companies who are being pursued by creditors. From disputing charges to seeking affordable repayment plans, the staff and attorneys at Elizer Law Group can assist you with your credit issue.

Just as no two clients are the same, each legal matter is also distinct. You can expect our attorneys to be ready to listen and learn about your unique situation and to plan and develop a custom solution that best addresses your legal matter. Contact us for help with your credit matter.