Faust Villazan, Asset Recovery Specialist

Faust Villazan is an Asset Recovery Specialist with Elizer Law Group, LLC. He possesses expertise in tracking debtors and negotiating debt settlements. Mr. Villazan's clients include several FORTUNE™ 100 companies, for whom he reviews files and recommends collection strategies, whether the matter is in the pre-litigation stage or ready for judgment enforcement.

Mr. Villazan established a national network of legal professionals to assist Elizer Law Group in the collection of outstanding debts and judgments across the United States. He oversees investigative specialists capable of performing asset searches and valuations. His fluency in Spanish facilitates Elizer Law Group's work with individuals and businesses throughout the country.

Prior to becoming involved in Collections & Recovery in 2010, Mr. Villazan held executive positions in the private sector and formed his own successful multi-national companies. He studied business administration at Loyola University of Chicago with an emphasis in financing from 1980 to 1984.


  • Loyola University of Chicago, 1980-1984
    Business Administration & Financing